New Fabrics

New solid nylon/spande fabrics available! Representative images of swimwear in these fabrics are not yet available. If you are unfamiliar with these Muscleskins fabrics, please wait until the website is updated. To order any of these fabrics, select CLIENT-PROVIDED “A” and type in the color choice. Please type in “M” for the Matte and “S” […]

Shipping Insurance.

Shipping insurance is suggested for all orders. We produce and ship all orders in good faith, but we have no control over your shipment once it is delivered to USPS. Each client is emailed a USPS tracking number once the order is shipped. The status of your shipment can be found by entering this tracking […]

Pouch Size: Full Custom vs Silicone Monster

Muscleskins offers infinite possibilities to create your own perfect fit! The STANDARD pouch sizes reflect what has been most frequently ordered by our world-wide clients since 2006. If you consider yourself to be “average”, the STANDARD pouch size is the best place to start! If you consider yourself to be larger or smaller than average, […]

Client-Provided fabrics A/B.

We can produce Muscleskins in your own fabrics! However, not all fabrics work with Muscleskins patterns. We cannot guarantee the fit or sizing of client-provided fabrics, but our patterns work well with most standard nylon/spandex swimwear fabrics. It is always best if you send us a hyperlink to the fabric from your online resource BEFORE […]

Tagless option

You now have the option of suits being produced without care/content/laundry tags on custom items. The default setting when ordering includes the tags. If you do not want tags sewn in, please select the REMOVED tag at the bottom of the page when ordering. This is highly recommended for thongs or suits made using the […]

Welcome to Muscleskins 2022

All designs have been modified for 2022 based on order history and customer comments. Our 3 front styles: the Classic, Poser, and Torpedo are now available in 3 sizes in addition to our +/- Pouch Depth system (available on standard pouch size only). All suits with a side width of 3cm or greater now have […]