Client-Provided fabrics A/B.

We can produce Muscleskins in your own fabrics! However, not all fabrics work with Muscleskins patterns. We cannot guarantee the fit or sizing of client-provided fabrics, but our patterns work well with most standard nylon/spandex swimwear fabrics. It is always best if you send us a hyperlink to the fabric from your online resource BEFORE ordering the fabric so that we may preapprove the fabric and give you our “best guess” on how the fabric will work. and are excellent options. If the fabric is listed as “Milliskin” Matte or Shiny, it will usually work perfectly! Other 4-way stretch nylon/spandex and poly/spandex fabrics may work, but not necessarily as well. Cotton/spandex fabrics listed as “lightweight” also work to varying degrees, but we suggest you avoid ordering Torpedo suits in questionable fabrics. We must approve your fabric via email to before you send us any fabrics. You can have your fabrics shipped directly to us, but the shipment must include a packing slip and tracking number! You usually have to request a packing slip from the seller, then forward us tracking info once they ship your order. Buying your fabric locally is riskier, but we will accept those fabrics. All fabrics MUST have ample 4-way stretch! No sequined or PVC fabrics please! Metallic fabrics can work at times, but can also be very risky. Many fabrics are listed online as 4-way stretch (especially metallics) but do not stretch adequately enough in both directions for our patterns.

We require a minimum of one full yard cut fresh off the bolt for any client-provided fabric. We cannot work with remnants. We can usually get 4-6 suits from one yard of fabric depending on the specifics and size of the suits you order. If the fabric is a print with an obvious top and bottom, we may only be able to produce 2 suits per yard. ALL suits must be ordered at the same time (after we receive the fabric and confirm suitability via email). Any remaining remnants are discarded and cannot be reused or shipped with your order. We reserve the right to refuse to work with difficult or unsuitable fabrics. If this happens we will give you the option of shipping the fabric to you at an additional packaging and postal charge.

We do not carry thread color for every possible fabric. We will have to use our best matching thread.

Suits in these fabrics are priced either the same as our regular items (A-option) or slightly higher (B-option) if they are exceptionally difficult to work with. We will let you know which pricing option to select when ordering after we have received your fabrics.