Fabric Specifications

We recommend the Shiny and Matte fabrics for swimwear. All Muscleskins suits are unlined. Darker colors and prints remain reasonably opaque wet or dry. Lighter colors can become semi-transparent when wet.

We recommend limiting the Ultrathin, Mesh, and Athletic Mesh fabrics for use as underwear as these fabrics can be transparent wet or dry and color may fade with usage. We imply no guarantees regarding colorfastness for these fabrics when used in salt or chlorinated waters. The Ultrathin fabrics are a sexy and luxurious option for underwear. The nylon Mesh fabrics are for true exhibitionists. Athletic Mesh is a great option for daily underwear use as these fabrics are moisture-wicking, extremely comfortable, and more opaque than the nylon Mesh fabrics.

All items in Nylon Mesh fabrics are constructed using flatlock seams which have exposed thread on the exterior of the garment.  Please see representative photos for items in these fabrics.

Prints: We imply no guarantees about colorfastness, but these are common prints used for swimwear by multiple manufacturers. 

Fabric Performance Specifications

Legend: Poor 
FabricColorfastness to PerspirationSea WaterChlorinated Pool WaterCrockingLightLaundering
Shiny Black
Shiny Gold
Shiny Light Coral
Shiny Navy
Shiny Neon Green
Shiny Neon Yellow
Shiny Olive
Shiny Neon Orange
Shiny Neon Pink
Shiny Purple
Shiny Red
Shiny Royal
Shiny Sky
Shiny Turquoise
Shiny White
Matte Black
Matte Navy
Matte Neon Green
Matte Neon Yellow
Matte Olive
Matte Neon Orange
Matte Neon Pink
Matte Red
Matte Royal
Matte Silver
Matte Titanium
Matte White
* Performance specifications are not available for all available fabrics