Pouch Size: Full Custom vs Silicone Monster

Muscleskins offers infinite possibilities to create your own perfect fit! The STANDARD pouch sizes reflect what has been most frequently ordered by our world-wide clients since 2006. If you consider yourself to be “average”, the STANDARD pouch size is the best place to start! If you consider yourself to be larger or smaller than average, or prefer a tighter or looser fit “up front”, you may select the SMALL or LARGE pouch size as appropriate. The standard, small, and large pouch sizes address differing anatomical sizes while maintaining overall design integrity. We do offer POUCH DEPTH increases or decreases online for the STANDARD-sized pouches only. Many clients like this option, but it does change the way the suit fits! For example, a +4cm Poser can fit more like an oversized Torpedo while a -3cm Torpedo fits more like a miniaturized Poser. Please review the images on the Fitting Guide section of our website to illustrate this. If our 3 pouch sizes or the +/- “pouch depth” options do not give you the fit you desire, other options are available!

FULL CUSTOM: This is best for finding your own perfect fit if the standard, small, or large pouch sizes do not meet your needs (while maintaining complete design integrity). I will use the Poser as an example. The standard Poser pouch is designated as a P-100. The small Poser pouch is 5% smaller (95% of the standard size) and is designated as a P-95. The large Poser pouch is a P-105 at 5% larger than standard. If you need something smaller or larger, we can create a different pouch size for you. If you select the “Full Custom” pouch size, a “pouch code” box will appear at the bottom of the page. You can type any number you want here between P-90 and P-119 to fine-tune the size. Anything below 100 is a REDUCTION from the standard size, anything above 100 is an ENLARGEMENT! (The “P” designates POSER). If you are ordering a Torpedo you would type a “T”, if ordering a Classic you would type a “C” before the number instead of a “P”. Be careful to get this right! If you meant to order a Torpedo, but typed in “P-110” as the “pouch code”, you may very well get a Poser instead and no returns will be accepted! If you are unsure of what to type as a pouch code, always ask BEFORE ordering! You CAN order a pouch size smaller than a P-90, C-90, or T-90, but this is VERY VERY SMALL and likely will not fit any adult male. If you need to go larger than a 119% size, you MUST order this as the SILICONE MONSTER.

Other options are available as a Full Custom pouch size. You can combine the +/- pouch depth with an overall enlargement or reduction. As an example, we can also enlarge the +2cm Classic up to 108%. The pouch code for this would be “C+2-108”. (This can get complicated, so I suggest you email me telling me EXACTLY what you want so I can generate a specific pouch code for you). You can also use the Full Custom option to create a pouch that is narrower or wider (or extra narrow/extra wide) at the top. Please note that narrow/wide only applies to the very top of the pouch at the waist and if you select side widths greater than 2 or 3 cm, this may be a useless option. Narrow/wide is approximately 2 cm narrower/wider than standard. Extra narrow/extra wide is approximately 4 cm narrower at the very top of the suit.

For something truly unique, you can completely alter the pattern, but you need to start with one of the basic pattern styles. You would first need to download and print out one of the pouch size or pouch depth images under the FITTING GUIDE section of the website. Then you would DRAW your suggested changes over that image. Your changes MUST be drawn over our original image so that we can properly scale the image to produce a pattern. Then, you would need to email us that drawing at service@muscleskins.com so we can preapprove the pattern before you order. No sharp curves or angles please.

SILICONE MONSTER: As the name suggests, this is generally for guys who inject silicone. If you don’t inject, you don’t need this option. If your pattern (or base pattern) needs to be enlarged up to 120% or more, you must select the SILICONE MONSTER option. But all of the options stated above are also available to you.

If you are unsure of what to type in as a pouch code, we are always happy to generate the pouch code for you. Please be specific in your email of what you want.