Fitting Guide

“Size is relative”

All men are not created equal. Some men prefer a looser fit, while others want their spandex to be skin-tight! There are no definite answers regarding “fitting” and “size” that applies to everyone. We will be happy to give you recommendations via email if asked, but please be specific with your measurements and HOW you want the items to fit. We suggest limiting your first order to one item to fully test Muscleskins sizing before ordering multiple units because our custom swimwear is non-returnable. Muscleskins ship worldwide. We do not use “American” or “Asian” sizing. Our sizing is a hybrid model based upon order history and client feedback since 2006. Muscleskins items are SPANDEX. They do stretch! But as a general rule, we suggest ordering up in both waist and pouch sizes if you are unsure.


Use our Size Chart as a general reference only. All patterns have been sized to work primarily with our most popular 1, and 2-cm items. If you prefer a looser or tighter fit, adjust accordingly. Selecting 1/2cm sides will make the suits fit tighter due to the elastic being doubled at the waist. As of 2022, we now use wider elastic in the waist for all 3cm+ suits. This wider elastic produces a slightly tighter fit than the previous narrow elastic, but provides a much better fit!

Muscleskins Size Chart

Muscleskins sizing runs smaller than most manufacturers for a snug fit while swimming. If you are in-between sizing, we recommend ordering a size up.  Please note that actual dimensions will vary slightly between waist sizes and pouch styles.  All ½cm suits stretch less than the other side widths, we strongly encourage ordering a size up if you select ½cm sides. As a rule, Americans find our sizing very small, whereas many international customers find it more the “norm”.
SIZE WAIST (inches) Waist (centimeters)
S 26" – 29" 66cm – 74cm
M 29" – 32" 74cm – 81cm
L 32" – 35" 81cm – 89cm
XL 35" – 38" 89cm – 96cm
XXL 38" – 42" 96cm – 106cm


Our STANDARD pouch sizes have been modified over the years to reflect what is most frequently ordered by our worldwide clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. If you consider yourself “average”, the STANDARD pouch size is the best place to start. The STANDARD pouch size has remained basically unchanged since 2012. For 2022 we have added SMALL and LARGE pouch size options. This will offer you a better fit while maintaining the original design integrity. If you already know that you are larger or smaller than “average”, we recommend selecting either the SMALL or LARGE pouch sizes for the best fit. If you are “average” and prefer a looser or tighter fit, you should be safe selecting any pouch size. There is only a 5% difference between the pouch sizes… minimal, but impactful.


Adjustments to pouch depth are only available when the STANDARD pouch size is selected. For previous clients who adjusted “pouch depth” to accommodate their anatomy, we recommend trying the new SMALL or LARGE pouch sizes for a better fit. But pouch depth options remain a great way to easily make the designs into something truly unique. Most guys are safe decreasing or increasing pouch depth by 1 cm to accommodate penis size with little change in the overall design. But select greater variances with caution! A -3 cm Torpedo will fit more like a miniaturized Poser, and a +4cm Poser will fit more like an oversized Torpedo.


All suits are shown on the ordering pages with STANDARD rise. For most designs, you can select LOW or HIGH rise options. This will lower or raise the position of the pouch by 1 cm and has minimal impact on the actual “rise” depending on how you wear the garment. If you need it raised or lowered more, contact us about custom patterns. The Poser and Torpedo cannot be lowered further, even with custom patterns.


Wider sides will make the suits fit tighter in the hips. Selecting the Athletic or Max seat option on the wider sides will make it fit even tighter. Our suits are designed to fit an average build… even though the standard suits are shown on the Avatar with massive glutes. If you have a big booty we suggest increasing seat height to accommodate for this. Increasing seat height will increase the diameter of the leg openings. Exercise extreme caution when reducing seat height on the Athletic or Max seats, because this will decrease the diameter of leg openings. For all other seat designs, it is usually safe to increase or decrease seat height to fit your own tastes.


We believe that our standard options will fit 99.9% of our clients quite well! But custom patterns are still available for advanced clients. If you already have a custom pattern, contact us before placing your first order so we can give you your “Custom Pattern Code” BEFORE ordering. If you are new to Muscleskins custom patterns, contact us about the process BEFORE ordering. We do not create completely new styles with custom patterns. Custom patterns are used to fine tune the fit of existing designs for the true spandex connoisseur. We do have some flexibility with this. If you want us to create a “new style” for you, we can do it. But the suit must use the same construction methods as our current designs: one front seam, one back seam. No G-strings, zippers, drawstrings, or anything not already shown on the website. At times, we make exceptions for repeat clients and offer other options. But this can only be done on a case-by-case basis. Please DO NOT use the POUCH CODE box until we give you a specific code for this.


Big boys wear spandex too! For clients who inject silicone, please contact us about FULL CUSTOM patterns made especially for you! Everything explained above applies here too. Not all “silicone” clients will need this option, many can be covered with a regular FULL CUSTOM pattern. If your suits require more than a 19% enlargement of our STANDARD pouch size, SILICONE MONSTER pricing will apply.


For advanced clients only. If you select Client Provided A or B, you will see a box to enter a Client Fabric Code. DO NOT enter anything here until we supply you with this code, and do not place an order UNTIL we give you this code! We do accept client-supplied fabrics ONLY IF they work with our current patterns. We offer no guarantee on how suits fit with different fabrics, and we can only offer our “best guess” on how the fabric will work with our patterns. We do not accept any orders until we have the actual fabric(s) in hand to make a final decision on their suitability. If your fabrics work well with our designs, we offer a discount of $1/suit. If the fabric is difficult to work with, there is an additional charge of $2/suit. If the fabric is exceptionally difficult, we will not accept the order. Four-way stretch 80/20 nylon swimwear fabrics usually work fine. Other fabrics, such as Polyester Spandex blends, can work but be hit or miss.

Many fabrics (such as wet-look or metallic) are described online as 4-way stretch, but they have only minimal stretch in one direction and are completely unsuitable for our designs. It is best if you email us a HYPERLINK to the fabric, so we can view it online before you order it. We require one full yard of fabric cut fresh off the bolt, no remnants or smaller pieces… we can’t make a suit out of your favorite spandex T-shirt. Once we approve and receive the fabric, we can make up to 6 suits per yard, depending on the suit specs. All suits must be ordered at the same time. Any remaining fabric is discarded; it is not shipped back to you. If we are unable to use your fabric at all, we will return it to you at an appropriate shipping cost, or discard it. If we pre-approve the fabric, you can ship it directly to us from the vendor, but it must include a packing slip and tracking number… sometimes you need to ask for these when ordering from a fabric vendor. We have a good selection of thread colors. If we do not have the EXACT thread, we will need to use our best match. This can seem complicated and risky, but it really works out very well if you follow our guidance