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Bespoke Men's Swimwear
at Off-The-Rack Prices
Over 13 Million Combinations!
Bespoke Men's Swimwear
at Off-The-Rack Prices
Over 13 Million Combinations!
Bespoke Men's Swimwear at Off-The-Rack Prices
Over 13 Million Combinations!
Sizing for all body types
be·spoke | \ bi-ˈspōk
made for a particular customer or user.
“a bespoke suit”

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Classic Swimsuit with 4cm sides
The ClassicMen's Swimwear & UnderwearCustomize It
Poser 4cm Sides
The PoserMen's Swimwear & UnderwearCustomize It
Torpedo 4cm Sides
The TorpedoMen's Swimwear & UnderwearCustomize It

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Muscleskins News & Info

Flatlock seams on Nylon Mesh and Ultrathin Fabrics

Before ordering Muscleskins in the Nylon Mesh or Ultrathin fabrics, please carefully review the images for these fabrics. The images on the website show items produced in these fabrics with a flatlock seam. The flatlock seam is more durable for these types of fabrics. Previous Muscleskins clients are used to a minimized seam, but these fabrics require a flatlock seam. This exposes thread on the outer side of the garment. This is normal, these items are not sewn “backward”. If you are unsure if you will be pleased with this type of seam, I strongly suggest limiting your first order to ONE item to fully experience the flatlock seam before ordering multiple units. The outside of the garment shows the lattice stitching. The inside of the garment shows ladder stitching.

Welcome to Muscleskins 2022

All designs have been modified for 2022 based on order history and customer comments.

Our 3 front styles: the Classic, Poser, and Torpedo are now available in 3 sizes in addition to our +/- Pouch Depth system (available on standard pouch size only).

All suits with a side width of 3cm or greater now have wider elastic waistbands for an improved fit. You now have greater flexibility when choosing a side width. These range from our narrowest 1/cm sides up to 6cm for the Torpedo Series, 8cm for the Poser Series, and 10cm for the Classic series. Add the Max seat to the widest available sides and create your own custom “boy shorts”.

More seat styles have been added for greater flexibility when designing your swimwear. Two Jockstrap seats have been added: a wider Jock seat, and a narrower Strap seat. As you increase side width, the differences between these two seats minimize. Two new “cheeky” seats have been added and are designed to be worn like thongs. The Cheeky seat is available on the wider-sided suits, the Fan is designed for the narrower side widths.

New fabrics have been added with more coming in the future! Matte and shiny nylon/spandex are suitable for all swimwear. But as always, Musclskins suits are unlined. The darker colors remain reasonably opaque wet or dry, but the lighter colors will become sheer when wet. We now offer a super-sexy Ultrathin nylon/spandex to create your own luxurious underwear, or if you are bold enough… swimwear! These fabrics are semi-sheer both wet and dry. By popular request, we have added nylon/spandex mesh fabrics for the truly bold! Additionally, we have added a poly/spandex moisture-wicking Athletic Mesh that works FANTASTIC as daily underwear. Check back frequently for new fabric updates.