4cm Poser Athletic Seat in Matte Black


Standard pouch with braided elastic waist

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Our all-time best seller and sexy as hell! The 3-D pouch enhances your masculinity without being too obvious. Designed to be worn in the “down” position only. A good choice for underwear if you want a little more enhancement up front. Choose a pouch size based upon your own anatomy and comfort level. The standard pouch size has been designed to reflect what is most frequently ordered by our “average” client. If you select the standard pouch size, you will have options to increase or decrease pouch depth. This can significantly change the design but allows you more flexibility in finding your own best fit. If you need a more “fine tuned” fit, ask us about Full Custom patterns. For the really big boys, contact us about a custom “Silicone Monster” pattern. We can fit anyone! Design your own Poser Series Muscleskins today! The possibilities are endless and each suit is unique. The Poser is available in a full range of options from the smallest 1/2 cm thong up to 8 cm “boy shorts” when paired with the Max seat.

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Weight1.5 oz

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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