Torpedo Series Men’s Swimwear


Our most exotic design is not for the timid! This anatomy-gripping design holds your junk snugly while pushing it up and out for an extreme 3-D display. The Torpedo is not designed to be worn under clothing. For the best fit, you’ll want the Torpedo to fit snugly when flaccid but not so constrictive that it can’t handle a little excitement. The standard pouch size has been designed to reflect what is most frequently ordered by our “average” client. If you are smaller or larger than “average”, select the appropriate pouch size. The Torpedo is designed to squeeze the scrotum to provide extra lift. If your scrotum is smaller or larger than average, this is equally as important as penis size when selecting pouch size. If you haven’t tried the Torpedo before, we STRONGLY suggest trying the small, large, or unaltered standard pouch size first. If you select the standard pouch size, you will have the option to increase or decrease pouch depth. This can significantly change the design but allows you more flexibility in finding your own best fit. If you need a more “fine tuned” fit, ask us about Full Custom patterns. For the really big boys, contact us about a custom “Silicone Monster” pattern. We can fit anyone! Design your own Torpedo Series Muscleskins today! The possibilities are endless and each suit is unique.

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