Shipping Insurance.

Shipping insurance is suggested for all orders. We produce and ship all orders in good faith, but we have no control over your shipment once it is delivered to USPS. Each client is emailed a USPS tracking number once the order is shipped. The status of your shipment can be found by entering this tracking number at We assume complete responsibility for all orders until shown as “accepted” in the USPS tracking system. Once “accepted”, we assume no further liability. Uninsured orders will not be refunded or reshipped if lost or damaged in transit. If your order is INSURED but has not been delivered after 30 days, please contact us at and we will file an insurance claim for you. Your insured order will be reshipped once if the claim is approved. If not delivered the second time, the order will not be refunded or shipped again. It is rare that shipments are lost in transit to major countries in Europe, Australia, or Singapore, but shipments may still be lost… the optional shipping insurance is for your protection.

Shipping insurance covers your shipment only until the package is shown as “delivered” at It must be assumed that your delivery address is secure. Packages lost or stolen after delivery cannot be reshipped or refunded.

If shipping to Mexico, Central, or South America, shipping insurance is STRONGLY ADVISED due to the high rate of loss, or theft in customs. If you decline the shipping insurance, you assume full and complete responsibility if your order is lost or stolen in transit.